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The Cathedrals/Cathedral Quartet - Then...And Now (1977) MP3 10 tracks, 00:00
Categories AUDIENCE-Adult; GENRE-Southern Gospel
Label Canaan
Index 2642
Collection Status In Collection
Track List
Program 1
01 He Loves Me
02 The Cross Was His Own
Program 2
03 Since Jesus Spoke Peace To Me
04 Shout And Shine
05 I Owe It All To Thee
Program 3
06 Love Found A Pardon
07 Thanks To Him
Program 4
08 I'll Sail Away Home
09 Don't Thank Us, Thank Jesus
10 Jesus Christ, Solid Rock
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ISBN/UPC 3-9807
Spars N/A
Sound Stereo
Extras Arch. FROM used 8-track; Arch. TO MP3; Artwork scanned at 600px high